Collection for sale, Commissions to keep me not homeless

Here is the updated Trade/Sale Post. Mostly everything here will be YuGiOh related but there will be some extra stuff toward the bottom with stuff that has value.

I am trying to sell the Binder as a whole if possible and I am taking offers on it so please feel free to send me a message on Discord (Toph#2104) or on Twitter (link) anytime and I’ll get back to you. Commissions are also open for art at my tiwtter

For those of you interested in the story, it will be at the very bottom of this post. Images will be provided with timestamps in the post as well as an imgur link with it all as well. The Figure List contains more products than are actually for sale because those belong to my room mate who is kicking me out and I’m not trying to make sales for him after what he did.

Clicking on the names of the Cards / Items will give you an image to see them and the timestamp. Full Imgur link here:
[Vampire Sucker MP19
Cyber Dragon Sieger MP19
Union Carrier DUOV
The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche LEHD
Borreload Dragon DUPO
Sky Striker Ace - Shizuku MP19
3x Aromaseraphy Jasmine MP19
Beat Cop From the Underworld DUPO
2x Blue-Eyes White Dragon MVP1
Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Green) LDS1
Celtic Guardian Anniversary YAP
Alpha the Magnet Warrior DOR
Beta the Magnet Warrior DOR
Gamma the Magnet Warrior DOR
Elemental Hero Neos CT03
Elemental Hero Aqua Neos POTD 1st Ed
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant TLM
2x Invoked Mechaba SHVA
2x Quintet Magician DUPO
Magician of Black Chaos (Secret Rare) PP01
Zera the Mant (Secret Rare) PP01
Magician of Chaos DUPO[Nekroz of Brionac DUPO
Number 39: Utopia Double DUPO
Number 96: Dark Mist (Ultimate Rare) ORCS 1st ed
No.32 Shark Drake (Ultimate Rare Japanese) GAOV
Number 20: Giga-Brilliant (Ultimate Rare) ZTIN
Downerd Magician PGL2
Number 82: Hearlandraco PGLD
Number 54: Lion Heart NUMH
Teardrop the Rikka Queen SESL
Primathmech Laplacian MYFI
Stardust Dragon (German Secret Rare) AC11
2x Black Rose Dragon CT05
I:P Maquerena MP20
2x Adamancipator Risen - Dragite SESL
The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak BLRR
Dogmatika Maximus ROTD
Fabled Raven DREV
Hela, Generaider Boss of Doom MYFI
Infernoble Knight - Renaud TOCH
Elemental Hero Wildheart GSE
Yubel LCGX
Red-Eyes Toon Dragon SHVI
Immortal Phoenix Gearfried TOCH
Harpie’s Pet Dragon LCJW
Cyber Shark CDIP 1st Ed
2x Danger! Nessie! MP19
Danger! Dogman! MP19
2x Danger! Mothman! MP19
Danger! Bigfoot! MP19
2x Danger!? Jackalope? MP19
Danger!? Tsuchinoko? MP19
Glow-Up Bulb STBL 1st Ed
2x The Chaos Creator TOCH
2x Cyber Dragon Nachster DUPO
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon (Secret Rare) PP01
Code Radiator FIGA
Buster Blader BPT
Gilford the Lightning CT2
3x Wattgiraffe TSHD
Deep-Eyes White Dragon MVP1
Parlor Dragonmaid MYFI
Spear Dragon LOD 1st Ed
Fusion Devourer (Ultimate Rare) STON 1st Ed
Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective (Ultimate Rare) RDS
Uria, Lord of Searing Flames SOI 1st Ed
3x D.D. Crow DUDE
Blackwing - Kris the Crack of Dawn PGL2
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning GLD4
Dark Sage DB1
Total Defense Shogun CT1
2x Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle RYMP 1st Ed

Legend of Heart DRLG 1st Ed
2x E - Emergency Call RYMP 1st Ed
3x Super Polymerization RYMP
2x Super Polymerization DUDE
The Eye of Timaeus DRLG 1st Ed
Raigeki LOB
2x Skyscraper 2 - Hero City LCGX 1st Ed
Mystical Space Typhoon DUOV
Heavy Storm HL2
4x Cosmic Cyclone DUDE
Adamancipator Laputite SESL
2x Adamancipator Signs SESL
Pot of Avarice LCJW
Pot of Avarice GLD4
Reinforcement of the Army LCJW
3x Called by the Grave DUDE
Zombie World DUOV
Book of Life LCJW
Book of Life DB2
Eldlixir of White Destiny SESL
2x Cursed Eldland SESL
Inzektor Sword - Zektcaliber ORCS
2x Pot of Duality CT08
3x Inferno Tempest EP1
2x Magical Meltdown SHVA
Time Stream BLAR
Numeron Calling BLAR
Polymerization DPYG
Soul Absorption IOC

3x Mirror Wall PSV 1st Ed
2x Dimensional Prison RYMP
Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade LEHD
Torrential Tribute LON
Torrential Tribute LCJW
Metalmorph (Secret Rare) PP01
Compulsory Evacuation Device LCYW
Compulsory Evacuation Device DUOV
Shaddoll Schism ROTD
Bottomless Trap Hole LOD
2x Bottomless Trap Hole PGLD
2x Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare MP14
Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare PGL2
Floodgate Trap Hole MP17
Huaquero of the Golden Land SESL
El Dorado Adelantado SESL
2x Guardian of the Golden Land SESL
2x Eldlixir of Scarlet Sanguine SESL
2x Conquistador of the Golden Land SESL
3x Solemn Strike DUDE
Mirror Force YS13
Mirror Force PGLD
Mirror Force MRD
3x Rainbow Life PTDN

Jaina Proudmore Blizzcon Hearthstone Hero Card
Jesse Anderson Foil Promo Card
Kamen Rider Zi-O Card
Thunder Dragondark MP19
2x Quarantine
3x Volcanic Rat

[2x Pokemon Sw/Sh Sealed Trainer Box]
[2x Sealed Ash Blossom Binder]
[YGO Size Dark Hex Card Sleeves]
[3x DUPO Sealed Promo Packs]
[Emperor of Darkness Sealed Structure Deck]
[Legendary Hero Deck Phantom Knights Sealed
Legendary Hero Deck Nordic Sealed
Gates of the Underworld Sealed Deck]

[Pokemon XY Primal Kyogre Playmat]
[WOW TCG Playmat]
[WOW TCG Sneak Preview Playmat]
[Fabled Grimro Playmat]

[RKF Kamen Rider Genm Dangerous Zombie Level X-O]
[RKF Kamen Rider Genm God Maximum Gamer Level Billion]
[RKF Kamen Rider Genm Mighty Action Level 0]
[RKF Kamen Rider Woz]
[2x Overwatch Carbon Fiber 4 Pack
2x Overwatch D.VA w/ Mek Statue
My Hero Academia All Might]

[Switch Lite Coral Pink
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
64GB Micro SD card]


So I had my mother living with after I dropped out of college to help her take care of her drug addiction about 6-7 years ago now. In 2018-2019 I lived in a crack trailer in a very bad neighborhood, I couldn’t find a job, I couldn’t make any money then. A friend who was also in a bad situation vouched for me to his boyfriend and I moved from the crack shack in NJ, leaving my mother and abusive family behind. That was January 2019. Over the past year I got a job and had lost it because of COVID-19. Unable to make money again, I burned through all my saving paying rent to the room mate who had the apartment in his name. I got a new job, pays just as well as the first but I get little to no hours. Maybe 9 a week, over 12 if I’m lucky. I’ve been searching for a second job but without a car its difficult and this small town doesn’t have a shuttle or bus. That being said, money wasn’t the direct issue for my best friend wanting to kick me out so suddenly.

My, well I guess now ex-best friend, wants me kicked out because he claims I’m eating us into debt. He’s spreading rumors and fabricating lies about how much I eat and that I don’t clean and generally make a mess of the apartment. This is simply untrue. I can go into so much detail about what I do to help around here not the least being that I do everyone else’s chores. Yes, that’s right, my ex-friend who doesn’t work at all also doesn’t do a single chore around the apartment. Unfortunately his boyfriend, who he’s been cheating on, doesn’t seem to care what people tell him about it.