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How much is 90, 125, 200, 300, 400, 550, and 600 to by the rarities? Just asking cause I wanna support this killer app.

What do you mean ? if you want to know the prices for dp shop, its

. remember you can’t buy DP with real money. any amount of donation is welcome :slight_smile:

So how do I get DP? Someone told me you buy them?

You gain dp from winning the ranked games , tournaments and other activities .

Do you have win the ranked games like back to back cause i’ve won a few and haven’t gotten any

You need to beat people higher than bronze rank.
if you beat silver = 1 dp
gold = 2 dp … continues like this

oh okay. thank you! stay awesome dude

Just to correct what you most likely heard: you can get 1 of each rarity by donating to help with server maintenance costs. It is not purchased. As a gift for a donation of $5 usd or greater, the team provides you VIP status in the discord and provides 1 of each rarity for use in game for all your decks.

DP is the way to earn rares or additional rarities on top of this.

Dorm events, hosted on the Duelist Unite earn your dorm points, which at the end of the dorm season, will be converted to DP and distributed amongst each dorm member.

And finally, starting soon will be weekly duel tournament. These tournaments will be ran through the In game tournament system and will award DP for winning (possibly topping, and maybe participation, that hasn’t been finalized yet).

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ah that makes sense