Client unresponsive on game 2 out of 3 in match

  1. Bug description
    Was playing a match in TCG ranked (about 20:25 PM Aug 25 2020), won first game, went to siding and proceeded to game 2. Opponent went through their turn, I couldn’t do anything on my turn. Cards in my hand were highlighted, but clicking on them did nothing. I couldn’t move to next phase, I couldn’t surrender by clicking the deck. After I surrendered through Escape key, I couldn’t click any buttons on the postgame popup.

    Chat button still was working. Opponent could play through their first turn normally; I did not have any interruptions, so it’s possible my client already wasn’t responding to input at that point.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Don’t have enough information to confirm bug origin. Possibly has something to do with ranked or game 2/3 in match.

  3. Screenshot OR error code Cards in my hand are highlighted, clicking on them does nothing.

  4. Expected behavior
    Client shouldn’t become unresponsive.

This could be because kunogi was reseting or testing the server while you were in your ranked match.

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