Chuche Bug

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When you activate Virtual World Gate - Chuche and activate its effect (in the same chain link) to target 1 face-up card on the field, shuffle 2 banished Virtual World cards into the deck, and then destroy the card that was targeted, You are allowed to target that same Chuche with its own effect.

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Set up a scenario where you have 2 Virtual World cards with different names banished, and a Virtual World Gate - Chuche set on your field. On the next turn, activate Chuche, and activate its effect on the same chain link. You will be allowed to target that same Chuche for its effect.

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Chuche should not have been able to be targeted by its own effect, since that effect was activated on the same chain link that Chuche itself was activated

We have fixed this. Thanks for the report.

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