Changing all chain by accident

  1. Bug description
    When in game if you right click anywhere in a game, “auto” chain changes to “off” chain. If you left click anywhere in a game it changes between “auto” chain and “on” chain.

  2. Bug reproduction steps


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    It shouldn’t change the chain options

  5. What OS are you using
    windows 10

We’ve had the same chain system for 18 years in all games including ygopro and master duel.

TOGGLE chain:

  1. You click on the chain → pick what chain mode you want and then click again. It stays in that toggled state.
  2. For example, I click AUTO chain → then click ON chain → it stays ON.
  3. If you want to use toggle chain, then don’t make your left click keybind to ON chain since every time you left click it will change it back to ON.

HOLD chain: (what I use in edopro and md)

  1. While holding left click → ON chain.
  2. While holding right click → OFF chain.
  3. Otherwise, AUTO chain.
  4. If you want to bluff for ALL chain, hold A.

It’s doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. Your keybind for left click is set to ON and right click is set for OFF. That’s how it works. You can change it to whatever you’d like. If you want to use toggle chain, then don’t set your left click and right click to ON and OFF chain.

My bad I thought it was a bug. Thank you <3