Card count in Duels is bugged

  1. Bug description
    This bug occurs when I do a custom room in Omega. I set up the settings to Master Rule 3, No Banlist, Disable Checking Decks, and Allow Illegal Cards and in the Duel Lobby, even if I have the banlist off, the duel sometimes begins but with less than 40 cards than what my deck has. It also sometimes gives me “Invalid amount of Insert Card Here” when I press Ready when I know for a fact I have the banlist turned off. This is a huge problem and needs to be fixed.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Write the exact steps to reproduce the bug. Provide a replay code if you can. You can attach replay codes, or use a pastebin link or you can even use a spoiler tag using]

    Step 1: Make any deck you want.
    Step 2: Set up the following duel rules; Master Rule 3, No Banlist, Disable Deck Checking, Allow Illegal Cards, Separate the Pendulum Zones.
    Step 3: Add an AI or another opponent to the duel then try to press Ready. If it resists, keep clicking it on it until the duel starts.

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    Exhibit A:
    Exhibit B:
    Exhibit C:

  4. Expected behavior
    The duel should begin no problem and the deck count should also be correct.

  5. What OS are you using
    Windows 10