Card Catalog Bug

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    In the Card Catalog Search function if you add an extra space before the card name or after the card name then you can’t find the card you’re looking for
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    Example: Ash Blossom
    _ = space
    Doesn’t show ash blossom in the catalog but instead every card that has the word ash in it with a space behind it

Its a minor thing, and might be intentional I don’t know, just something I noticed
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Our searching will not ignore extra spaces. Card names are complex. Those spaces are needed. Even when you learn how to use regex, the spaces are used.

For example, I want to search "Dragon “. This will find all card names with “Dragon” and a space afterwards, so the search would be more specific. The same thing goes for " Dragon”. These spaces can actually help and filter the cards you want to find.

This is not a bug. Part of card searching requires players to spell and type the card name correctly.