Card bugs

Hello everyone I want to report about a cards problems, first for the card “red eyes darkness metal dragon” it’s impossible to special summon it by using a link monster for the tribute, second problem for the card “dragonmaid tidying” I cannot target an opponent monster on the opponent field by the effect I can only target his cards from the graveyard, third problem for the card “vahram, the magistus divinity dragon” I can simply not summon it, sorry but I don’t have screenshots but I don’t need them those problems happen everytime, thanks for your hardwork, bye

i am a dragon link player and all of those claims are false, for REDMD, im pretty sure u were under any special summon lock or even any anti-banishment card to not be able to summon, for tidying, the cards that show u are in the GY, however, if you notice, the cards on the field also shine and yes u can target them, thats how the game was intended to work, next time before u do a report id say to have 100% sure that its a real bug, cuz literally i tested those for like the whole 2 formats and even when dlink was with kross and they were all just fine

I’m afraid without any replays, we can’t determine what other cards or effects are applied on the field. Anything can cause the game state to change.

  1. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon’s effect to Special Summon itself by banishing 1 Dragon monster you control. Hence, if you cannot banish monsters (your opponent used Artifact Lancea), or for some other reason, then you cannot special summon Redmd. The Link monster in question also has to be Dragon Type.

  2. The card, Dragonmaid Tidying, works just fine. However, if your opponent controls cards that cannot be targeted, then obviously you cannot target them with Tidying. Target 1 Dragon monster you control and 1 card your opponent controls or in their GY. You can target cards in their GY as well.

  3. As for Vahram, it is a generic Level 8 Synchro monster. If you couldn’t Special Summon it, then there were other cards on the field or an effect that was used to prevent you from Special Summoning.

All these cases have a reason. That’s why we ask for replays. You’ve seen multiple players use these cards on ranked perfectly. Please read the cards before reporting bugs.

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