Cant use negation effects on cards that are already negated

  1. Bug description
    [if a monster is negated i cant target it anymore with other negate cards. for whatever the game doesnt allow you to stack monster negates onto anything that is already negated. i also couldnt use the virtual world spell card to target a normal monster when the spell itself doesnt specify that it has to be an effect monster.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [i tried to use the virtual world spell card to negate a monster but couldnt cause skill drain was on the field. i was also locked out of using my set imperm, i assume for the same reason. ]


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    [with the skill drain active it doesnt stop any of these things. the Qinglong is allowed to activate, banish a card from grave, then target a monster even a normal monster isnt exempt from this. imperm is also allowed to be activated. essentially there needs to be a system that allows multiple of the same similar effect stack onto targets because at present not being able to do that really hampers some of the plays that deck in particular needs to be able to make. ]

That’s how it work. You cannot negate something that is alredy negated. Because you are activating a card or effect that will do nothing and that’s a general ruling for the game. Like you cannot use dark hole without monster on the field. You cannot imperm or veiler monster if skill drain alredy negate all of them… but you can use cards that negate and also do something else like droplet \ lost wind \ forbidden chalice…

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