Can't tribute a Face-down monster for the cost of 'Soul of the Supreme Celestial KIng'

  1. Bug description

    When fulfilling the cost for ‘Soul of the Supreme Celestial King’, which is to tribute 1 Spellcaster Pendulum Monster with 2500 original ATK, you can’t tribute face-down monsters, even though you hsould be able to

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    1. Summon a fitting monster for the cost, such as Supreme King Gate Magician in Face-down DEF or flip it face down
    2. Try to activate ‘Soul of the Supreme Celestial King’
  3. Expected behavior
    You should be able to tribute a fitting face-down monster, as confirmed by the famous ruling regarding ‘Icarus Attack’ and a face-down Winged-Beast Monster. Once tributed, the Type, original ATK and status as a Pendulum Monster can be checked.

  4. What OS are you using

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