Can't sidedeck during games / open decks twice

  1. Bug description
    When I play a match I am unable to side after the first or second game. The screen just goes to the default background image of the game (the purple / blue universe) and I have to wait 2 minutes until I can click something again.
    Also if I open a deck, close it and open another deck I will also be hit with that same image and will have to forcefully kill the game and restart it in order to open a deck again. I can live with the second issue, but the first one is kinda gamebreaking.

This error has been around since about 2 weeks.

  1. Bug reproduction steps
    Open the game → Go online → Play a game → lose / win the first game → enter side menu → cry

  2. Screenshot OR error code

  3. Expected behavior
    The normal siding option window should have opened.

  4. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

Is this happening today? Would love to see it happen live. What kind of discord auth are you using?

normaly via the app, but I just tried via web and the same happend.
it also happens local vs bots

Update: Don’t have the error in local matches anymore.

Update: False

Update: It has something to do with a specific deck, I don’t know what tho.
If I use this deck list, I have the described problem:


I created a new deck, with different cards, and had no problem siding cards or opening the deck editor multiple times. I also tested adding the cards that were different from the working deck and the “broken” deck one by one and tested if adding a single card made a difference. It didn’t.

I then cloned the working deck and restructured the deck list to be the same as the “broken” deck. That resulted in the same error. Changing the deck icon or name did not result differently.

It seems to me as if having those cards together in one list just breaks the game. Which is weird because it can hardly break the board of my opponents :frowning:

this is still an issue btw.