Can't select a card

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  1. Bug description

Ok so I had to add a card to my hand, I clicked several times on my graveyard to see the cards that were there. and suddenly I can’t select anything now…

  1. Bug reproduction steps

When you need to select a card, click several times on graveyard and banish cards

  1. Screenshot OR error code

I need a replay and steps on how to reproduce. What cards were used and in what order?

Sorry i no longer have the replay. I started my turn, I activated thunder dragon fusion from my graveyard, I had to choose a card to add, I checked my graveyard and my banned cards several times (I may have clicked and to quickly too much, I don’t know …) and then the card list no longer appeared, I had to select a card but I couldn’t.
I hope it can help you

Just try to to do it again. It probably got fixed since last update.

Ok I will try

We solved this by you being able to move the prompt downwards. You can also hover over the card and see it in the left side display pic to read the card and be able to select it.

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Ok Nice!

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