Can't seem to get the recent card updates on Omega

  1. Bug description
    I apparently can’t seem to get my cards updated in my Omega. I checked the Discord server’s #updates channel, and it clearly said that the recent cards (NCF1 for OCG, ANGU for TCG) should be fully updated according to the latest releases. However, everytime I try to apply the update, I don’t have those updated cards.
    I tried the automatic update at the game launch, and the manual update with OmegaUpdater.exe file.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

Uh, I don’t really know if it can be reproduced if it’s a bug on my end. What I just do is that, I start the OmegaUpdater.exe, wait for it to finish and to automatically launch the Omega game, and I check the cards on deck builder, and nothing changes.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

The OmegaUpdater that clearly says it’s applying the update once the download is done

Then, after that, it automatically launches Omega, I check in the deck builder to see if the cards are updated, but

  1. Expected behavior
    Well, according to the Discord server’s #updates channel, cards should be updated, so that’s the expected behavior.