Can't delete a deck individually

As the title suggest, i can’t delete a deck, despite i have done the following procedure:

  1. Click the deck
  2. Click the trash icon
  3. The confirmation message appear, click on the checkmark

Totally nothing happen. The deck i have tried to delete are:
-literally empty deck, from create new
-clone deck
-deck that have at lesat 40 cards (in main deck)
-deck from importing ydk file

Additional note:
-when i click the checkmark, there is a slight blitz, and then nothing deleted
-the button delete all entries still work as intended. Only the trash icon doesnt work


Thank you for making a bug report.
I’m not sure where you have your YGO omega installed, but I’d hazard to guess that it doesn’t have permission to manage the files where it is installed. I have tested the ability to delete the deck and it works fine.

We can follow up here, or you can get faster help by reaching out on the Duelist Unite Discord server in the #omega_help channel.

I found the solution by running the .exe as administrator, thanks to your guess that it might involved not having permission.
My problem might also be caused by installing the game in other directory, not the default path. Maybe, if i installed it in the default path, this will never happen. I will leave it here for suggestion, in case other people get into the same problem as me.

Anyway, thanks a lot!! :smiley:

Happy that we have been able to get to the bottom of this!

You can try and move the directory and redirect any shortcuts you may have, to remedy this. Most of the time users are successful with C:\YGO_Omega\ (Files here) as a file path.

If you need any more assistance, feel free to reach out again!

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