Cannot use the skill Monster Move

  1. Bug description

After activating the skill “Monster Move”, I cannot move a monster to another zone (either LINK or normal / effect monster)

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Summon Draconnet, special summon Crowned by the World Chalice from the deck, LINK summon Imduk the World Chalice Dragon, tribute summon World Legacy - “World Chalice” from hand, LINK summon Ib The World Chalice Priestess, activate the effect of World Legacy - “World Chalice” in the GY, special summon World Chalice Guardragon and Lee the World Chalice Fairy from the deck in defense position (right monster zone and middle monster zone), activate the effect of Lee the World Chalice Fairy, search for another World Chalice card and add to my hand, activate the skill Monster Move, cannot move any monster, either Ib The World Chalice Priestess from the right Extra Monster Zone down to the left Main Monster Zone or any of the two other monster to any other Main Monster Zone.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

Video demo: Monster Move Bug

  1. Expected behavior

I should be able to move down Ib The World Chalice Priestess to the Main Monster Zone under her.

  1. What OS are you using

Windows 10

Try this again in about 20 minutes

Thanks for the fast fix, it working perfectly as intended! Wonder what was wrong with the skill script?

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