Cannot update the game/ have to update the game every time i open it

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    When I load up the game a message comes up saying the game needs an update. I try to update and a new message saying ‘could not locate the updater binary’. I have also tried to use the omega updater file on my computer (as pictured) but this deletes all of my saved decks, and when i exit the game and load it up again it says i need to update the game again.

  2. Happens every time i open the game, even if i have previously updated it

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    happens when i click online and click yes to the update

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Please confirm if you are using the exe in the windows folder or the exe in the YGO Omega folder please. I see in there are two copies and I wish to know which one is being used in this scenario.

I just simply want to know how to remove it from my PC your uninstaller isnt working its irritating and im over this how can i get rid of this.