Cannot summon Pain Lanius using Raptor's Wing

  1. Bug description
    For some reason, the simulator will not allow me to summon Pain Lanius using Raptor’s Wing as a target, even though Raptor’s Wing is ALWAYS treated as a Raidraptor card. I’ve lost games because of this bug.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Summon Raptor’s Wing. Try to summon Pain Lanius. Won’t be able to do it. Cry in salt.


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    I should have been able to summon Pain Lanius using it’s effect with Raptor’s Wing.

How much ATK did Raptor’s Wing have? If 0, then it cannot be targeted to Special Summon Pain Lanius.


Thank you for making a bug report!

Lyris is in fact correct. Pain Lanius requires you to take damage apart of it’s effect. Since 0 is the lowest stat on Raider’s wing, you cannot use it as a legal target to summon Pain Lanius with, since taking 0 damage would not be “taking damage”.

You can see that I also had this misunderstanding a few months ago when I reported a bug on the same thing: Raidraptor interaction - Pain Lanius & Raider's Wing

This is functioning as intended and thread will be closed in the next 24 hours.

Once again, thank you for making a bug report! If you happen to find anything else you believe to be a bug, please feel free to report it and we will look into it!

Thank you for helping make Omega the best we can!

That makes no sense, there’s no restriction of it having 0 atk.

That makes zero sense. I’ve seen other interactions that work even when the ATK is 0 that are similar to Pain Lanius before.

Please feel free to supply the interaction you believe is comparable to this interaction so that we can discuss it however this is how the interaction is ruled for pain Lanius.

You can consult the Rulings database to confirm this :Card Database

Since the effect of Pain Lanius is to “Take damage” before you special summon, you must take damage. Applying a 0 results in no life point change, and thus is not classified as “Taking damage”. This results in any cards that meets the other requirements but has a 0 as the lowest stat invalidating itself as a target.

If the ruling went the way you wanted and allowed you to target a 0 stat-ed monster for this interaction, it would result in you targeting the monster, taking 0 damage, and then Pain Lanius staying in the hand, since you took no damage. If you summon Secure Gardna, which prevents you from taking damage, or activate One Day of Peace, you will also not be able to activate Pain Lanius, since both of these will prevent you from taking damage.

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