Cannot summon monsters from extra deck after special summoning unchained monsters


Thank you for making a bug report!

Please include replays with your bug reports.

As of currently, I can only assume what has happened during the turn to cause this. If you used Unchained Twin - Rakea’s effect to target a card and destroy it, you are locked into only summoning fiend type monsters for the turn. You also do not match the requirements to summon any of your other extra deck monsters. Verte, Cheribeni, Gossip shadow, Leviar, Dragoon, and both Utopics are not fiend type. The Unchained Soul of Rage and Of Anguish both require an “Unchained Soul” monster, which the Twins are not. And you do not have the proper amount of material to summon Unchained Abomination.

As of current, I believe it is working as intended, as I have seen this deck properly and have used it myself in the past.

Thank you for making a bug report. If you have a replay to share or believe that this is not the case, please feel free to let us know or open up any additional bug reports.

Thank you for helping to make Omega the best it can be!

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