Cannot summon legal targets from extra deck

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    Having issue where legal targets will show button to summon from extra deck, but when clicking on them they will not summon. First four or so targets in the list will summon, but after that the remaining legal targets will not have the option to summon.

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Play game as normal, get to the point where I have legal materials to SS from ED, target will highlight but not allow summon when clicking on icon. Happens for multiple types of ED cards (Synchro, Link) confirmed.

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Clicking icon should have trigged selecting materials to conduct ED summon

Send us your log.

Please copy %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Duelists Unite\YGO Omega into the red box area. Then send us your Player.log file by dragging it into the discord chat.

I have a feeling your resolution is messed up or you changed your keybinds. It’s one of the two. Some people for whatever reason, change their left click keybind and assign it to close or cancel so even left clicking on a monster in the ED, will not do anything.

The other situation is that your game resolution is not set to max which makes the mouse pointer not able to register the hit box when you hover over cards.