Cannot include a card in DL deck

  1. Bug description
    I cannot add sasuke samurai #4 in my Duel Links deck. In Duel Links Sasuke Samurai #4 is a level up reward from Joey, so it’s a legal card you should be able to use.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  1. Add Sasuke Samurai #4 in your deck.
  2. Try to Queue up for a DL match using that deck.
  1. Screenshot OR error code
    Invalid amount of Sasuke Samurai #4 in your deck.

  2. Expected behavior
    You should be able to add Sasuke Samurai #4 in your deck, as it’s a exising card in DL.

Thanks. We fixed it. It was because of the # in the name that those cards were not being flagged.

No, thank you, for fixing it lightning fast! :+1: