Cannot activate effect of dark world library

  1. I can’t activate effect of dark world library if i don’t have any monsters on my field but this is not an activation requirement, it simply shouldn’t be upgrade any monster atk
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  2. Activate Dark world library and try to activate the effect with no monsters on the field

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  3. It should make me discard a card anyway, without boosting any monsters
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  4. Windows 10
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Thank you for making a bug report.

Based on how described, this is working as intended.

The conjunction “AND” means at the point of activation you must be able to resolve that portion of the effect. “you can” would be needed after the “AND” conjunction to make it work the way you believe it to be.

Because you do not control a monster, you have nothing to gain attack, and thus, cannot activate Dark world library.

Once again, thank you for making a bug report and helping to make YGO Omega be the best it can be.

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