Cancel invocation

I would like to leave a suggestion, you could put the option to cancel an invocation, because after we click on some monster we can’t click again to cancel the invocation and also in relation to the side, when the turn ends he does not update the deck keeping the cards that have been sided, the game is wonderful, congratulations!

Monster being summoned from the extra deck can be cancelled if all materials are deselected, and cancel is chosen.

Normal summoning, tribute summoning, or setting are actions that when declared cannot be taken back, in real life and in Omega. This is because you are giving away information to your opponent and commit to the action. There is no way to legally take back this commitment to the action.

I do not understand the second portion of the initial comment. If you could help me understand I can see if this is a real bug or not to have the team address.

I’m sure the team is glad that you are enjoying the game.

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so after the side deck the deck is not being updated, keeping the cards that were placed on the side deck during the game, I do not know if this is a characteristic of the game, and in relation to the cancellation of the invocation it is not possible to deselect to cancel, a Once checked, only the option to confirm appears, in the xyz and syncro invocations, only in the invocations of the link I did not find this problem, and just one more thing in the editor deck when looking for the favorites, the cards I marked as favorites do not appear in the search, all the cards appear, thanks for the game and the help!

just one more question, is there any way to buy the rarities in cash?