Can he be banned?

  1. Can this person get banned?
  2. Reason?
    This person has kept me hostage in a duel for more than 40 minutes, he could not win and kept stalling the duel till the timer kept running to 0.01-0.02s.
    i’m afraid he is doing this to other people and trying to win by having them surrender cause of hes behavriour.

If u check the multiple images i have provided( i have multiple images of this on my gyazo account), i did save the replay too so u can see what he is doing (nothing, just trapping me in the duel), u can see hes behaviour, its already round 17 and hes still putting the timer to 0.02s. It’s such a shame people cant accept that they lost and do this, idk if its a glitch or hack but when he hit hes last card hes timer went back up its not going down, hes timer kept resetting to 3 minutes.

i have asked in discord if its bannable they werent sure but did tell me to make a report out of it.

I will review his behavior. thanks for letting us know.

hello and review is complete.
I assume the duel you are referring to is Pighen#1796 vs Namarrgon#8525.

We found no suspicious activity from the person who duel against you in previous duels. No actions can ne taken without repeated offense. Thanks for understanding.

In these cases, we have to determine “intentional” stalling. Even if a player is slow, we cannot penalize them. A game cannot read a player’s mind to know if that player is thinking, reading, or maliciously stalling.

Even so, you should have the ability to beat this player. Stalling is not cheating. They cannot gain time unless they do something. Even if they spend the 240 seconds which is only 4 mins, this is not as bad as real life stalling. Stalling does not give any strategic advantage either online. In real life, stalling CAN give an advantage because of EOMP (End of Match Procedures) where the player with the higher LP will win at the end of the round.

In real life, a player can do this and you will call a judge. You will end up waiitng for the judge to arrive and this will also take time. Then the judge has to watch the duel and maybe that player wouldn’t play slow while the judge is watching. Then the judge would leave and they would play slow again. Then you would call the judge again.

It’s very difficult even in real life. Here, in an automatic simulator, you at least have a timer. Even if you have to wait 4 mins each turn and they aren’t doing anything - the duel wasn’t longer than 40 mins. A 40-min duel actually is average since in real life each round is 40 mins. This is acceptable.

I understand this may be annoying, but as you go higher and higher in ranking, you will not see these types of players.