Bugged Speed Duel Skills

Just like Duel Links there is a couple of skills in Speed Duels that are bugged.

Cocoon of Ultra Evolution

The 2nd effect of the skill to shuffle 1 insect in the GY to your Deck produces this Internal Error and forces the duel to end.

Nightmare Sonic Blast!

The skill simply just does not work. You meet the requirement of having Serpent on the field and flip the skill but you can’t activate the skills effect.

Spell Proof Armor

It doesn’t allow you to normal summon a vanilla monster that only needs 1 tribute. The skill should remove that 1 tribute cost but it does not happen.

Union Combination

The Skill is not properly working, while it does Fusion Summon a monster using materials from the GY or Field. Fusion Monsters like the XYZ Dragon Cannon have to banish the materials, the skill bypasses this restriction and only sends to GY. In addition the skill is not once per turn as it says in the text. So since it does not banish, we can simply just activate the skill over and over again and keep fusing into XYZ and its counter parts with no restrictions holding them back.

Twisted Personality

The activation of the skill indicates that it needs to be flip over when the Duel begins. “Skill activation: At the start of the Duel, flip this card over.” Omega does not do this. The 2nd effect to remove 3 counters to destroy 1 face-up card is not selectable, it only does the 1st effect to discard 1 card from the hand. Forgot the screenshot for this one.

Related Screenshots of the Bugs in-game are shown here: Speed Duels Bugs - Album on Imgur

Thanks for fixing the skills! but there’s still couple of issues with the skills I’ve listed.

Union Combination -
Everything is working as intended but it does not allow you to use the material to fuse in the S/T Zone for the fusion.

Nightmare Sonic Blast -
Works as intended, only thing is the skill does not let you put the rest of the cards in any order you want in the top of your deck.

Cocoon of Ultra Evolution -
Works as intended as well, 1 issue is that after the use both effects the skill is still able to activate and use its effect. Both effects are only a once per Duel.

Thanks for the hard work you guys are doing!


The 2nd Post with the slight effects not working correctly, are still present unfortunately.

… which ones? All of them?

No longer all of them, tested them last night before yesterdays update and all slight effects where still present. But tested them again after today’s update and only Cocoon of Ultra Evolution I believe still produces the above issue and now shows this error when activating both effects when the skill flips back down.

Little harder to test the slight issue, bot gets stuck and can’t fully check the next turn if I’m able to activate the skills effect again. But still allowed to flip the skill over once I’ve used both skill effects.