Bugged skill cards (speed duel)

  1. Bug description
    I found at least 3 bugs while playing different skills in speed duel mode :
  • With Shadow Reborn skill, you can activate it even if there is no monster in any GY
  • With Call of the Haunted skill, it simply doesnt work when you activate it
  • With any skill that says in the skill activation text “you draw one less card at the beginning of the duel” you still draw the normal amount of cards
  1. Bug reproduction steps

To reproduce the bugs, just start any speed duel with the skills concerned by those bugs (Shadow Reborn, Call of the haunted, Heavy Metal Raiders, etc.)

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    You shouldn’t be able to activate Shadow Reborn if there is no monster in any GY
    You should draw only 3 cards at the beginning of the duel when playing certain skills

  3. What OS are you using
    Windows 11

try these again

As for this bug, I couldn’t find a way to change a single player’s starting hand size using Lua, so I simply made the Skill’s user, at the beginning of the 1st turn, return cards from their hand to bottom of the Deck for each card they should not draw at the start of the Duel. Did this functionality break?


Sorry for the late reply. Shadow Reborn seems fixed
Call of the haunted still doesn’t reborn the monster, it just flip face up, you target the monster you want, but that’s all.

For the “draw 1 less at the beginning of the duel” bug, it’s still here, i tried with call of the haunted or heavy metal raiders skill, i still draw 4 as opening hand and don’t have a card returning to the bottom of the deck

Try these again

The “draw 1 less” is fixed, only concern i have with it is that you see which card get puts on the bottom of the deck, so if you could also ad a shuffle after that, it would be perfect.

The call of the haunted skill is still not working, no reborn, only flipping face up

@AntiMetaman can explain why the bottom of the Deck was chosen for Skill effects that change hand size.

Try this again in about 15 minutes

Seems fixed, thanks for your work!

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