Bugged Duel Links Skills

Many of the Duel Links Skills are bugged, here is some that I’ve checked and tested.

Shell of a Ghost

The skill simply just does not work. Meeting the requirements and all, You are still not allowed to activate the skill.

Alternative Evolution

When you activate the skill to create a Vanilla BEWD into Alternative White Dragon, The Alternative is still considered a Vanilla BEWD. When added back to the hand with White Stone, If you have the full requirements to reveal BEWD to SS Alternative. The game does not allow it as Alternative is still a Vanilla in the games eyes.

Mystic Depths

While the skill provides the Buff/Debuff as Umi describes, the card Sea Stealth Attack does not recognize Mystic Depths as Umi. As such SSA does not activate to play the Mystic Depths from the GY onto the field. It needs to be seperated from the Speed Duels Version and played like the Skill Harpies Hunting Ground.

Peak Performance

The skill does not act as a field spell in the hand, so you can not activate it to become a Mountain Field Spell. Unlike its counter part, Harpies Hunting Ground. HHG has no issues as its plays a HHG outside of the deck as a real field spell. It needs to be seperated from the Speed Duels Version and played like the Skill Harpies Hunting Ground.


Activating Restart to get a new hand, My draw was suppose to be skipped but it did not and I drew a card like normal.

No Mortal Can Resist

The skill is not a once per duel, I clearly showed that I activated it the turn before. Still was able to activate NMCR again, In addition I can activate NMCR as many times as I want during the same turn. Activate once or even twelve times in the same turn.

Related Screenshots of the Bugs ingame are shown here: https://imgur.com/a/YOWxrh1

This is only the minimum of what I’ve noticed and looked into.

Here’s another skill that I’ve noticed that’s bugged.

Infernity Inferno

I’m allowed to use the Skill more than once in my 2nd turn. In duel links, it’s just a once per duel effect.

Should be solved; let me know if these and/or anything else come up again!

These 2 skills are indeed the Speed Duel versions, but nevertheless, I have fixed the bug with these skills and others being unable to activate from the hand.

Shell of a Ghost - Now I can just activate this card without meeting the requirements it lays out.
Alternative Evolution - still doesn’t allow to special summon from hand.
Infernity Inferno - Can still activate the skill after I have used it.
No Mortal Can Resist - I can still activate it multiple times, unsure if the effect still goes off.

Restart, The skill now produces this error and forces the game to end.


Mystic Depths - Sea Stealth Attack still doesn’t see the skill in GY as the Umi field spell. SSA just ends up not working.
Peak Performance - This is indeed working now but the main issue with this skill and Mystic Depths is both of them leave the “skill” zone empty so now there’s 4 Spell/Trap zones to use.