Bugged deck glitches the game

  1. Bug description
    After I load a “bugged” deck, the game stops showing the big picture on the left for every card ingame and screws the rarity bar (tells me to go online etc…).

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    I wanted to try the new Draitron ritual monster, so i loaded an “old” draitron deck and found some bugged cards in it. As soon as i hover on one bugged card, the game stops showing all big pictures for all cards, even for cards not in deck (so from the library). Exiting the deck editor doesn’t fix it. Gotta reload the whole game.

    Deck code:

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    Game shouldn’t have “bugged” cards, and having bugged cards shouldn’t glitch the whole sistem.

Basically, you inputted wrong data into the game, so the game won’t import it. We keep the old ids of cards up to a month and then after that, it’s old. Then the person who made the deck should update the deck with the new ids.

But we understand your point. The game shouldn’t bug even if you imported an old deck code, so we’ll fix this.

Game is fine now. Doesn’t crash even if you import old stuff. The cards with non-referenced ids will just be missing.