Bug with the link summoning of Arrival cyberse

A bug that prevents the summoning of The arrival Cyberse @ignister with dark infant @ignister as a material

basic @ignister combo, but dont use the special off A.I Land to summon into Dark templar’s zones and link it off intp a dark infant so it sits in the left link arrow of templar, trigger templar, trigger infant, move it to the left, change attribute to divine. Special out the ignisters in grave (wind/fire/light) and attempt to make arrival, you will not be able to make arrival with all the materials on the field

Arrival cyberse states 3+ monsters with different attributes, you should be able to link off all the materials in this combo to make arrival 6k attack through its own effect, wich is the best state the card can be in. without that its easier to out + if you attempt to make it 6k and then omega wont let you, you have a potential vunerability on the field with a 500 atk infant…

Provide a replay. People have been using Ignisters for a long time and there has been nothing reported. I’ve dueled Arrival Cyberse on ranked. There must be something on the game state that you’re missing.

Hi, long time @Ignister player here–it sounds like the only monsters you control are Dark Templar, the three monsters it Summoned, and a Dark Infant. You’re trying to use 5 monsters to make a Link-6, which doesn’t work.

ok, thanks ^^