Bug with the game screen and reconnect feature

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Can’t close the graveyard, or anything. I checked my keybinds and it is indeed binded to my mouse

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Basically if you let an window open during your opponent’s turn you can’t even close it. Tried reconnecting and I got this.

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So what happened is that, when the window didn’t close I could not continue the duel andcouldn’tt close the window at all. then I reconnected to the duel to find that I couldn’t even play any cards and every card was upside down. so I’d 2 or 3 bugs occurred at this time

Looks like im not the only person who had this bug. If you want more proof please contact Zarc in the beta tester chat. And alot of people have been reporting this issue in the beta tester chat.

Here’s a proof from Zarc image! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/700026463008850040/764056750915190794/unknown.png