Bug with enchanted fitting room and benten

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    1st bug is with fitting room, when i summon monsters for card eff my oppo don’t have to be enabled to activate bottomless trap hole because the last thing happen is the rest of cards shuffled back so BTH lose timing.

2nd bug is with benten when destroy my giant rat i take damage for eff and i’m unable to summon for rat eff but it won’t lose timing for the SEGOC ruling.
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So to explain how this works, Enchanting Fitting Room is worded slightly differently between TCG and OCG, and in OCG a Bottomless won’t miss timing (it is just an “also” effect). As for the Benten issue I can only assume you had no targets in Deck for Giant Rat to Summon, or were under some kind of restriction, since I was able to use Giant Rat’s effect in the scenario you described just fine.

There is no bug here. Both Enchanting Fitting Room and Bottomless Trap Hole were printed in 2004 and 2001 respectively in Japan. Enchanting Fitting Room has had the same text in OCG and has never gotten any erratas. In the TCG, it has “also after that”, but in the OCG, it is just “also”.

As for Bottomless Trap Hole, it has had 5 erratas in the OCG, but it is functionally exactly the same as it was when it was printed.

We will consider scripting Enchanting Fitting Room differently for the TCG due to the 2019 reprint and the “also, after that” PSCT conjunction.