Bug: «Virtual World Gate - Chuche»’s effect prompt is incorrect

  1. Bug description
    The Prompt to select «Virtual World Gate - Chuche»’s effect is incorrect, while previously the options were inverted, with the option to increase levels decreasing it instead and vice-versa, now both options have “Increase” written on them

  2. Bug reproduction steps

With any lvl 6 or higher «Virtual World» monster on the field, activate «Virtual World Gate - Chuche»'s Graveyard effect to banish itself and Increase/Decrease the level of a «Virtual World» monster, the prompt will appear and both options will say they Increase the level when one should be “Decrease” or “Reduce”

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior

One option should be to “Decrease” or “Reduce” the level of a monster while the other one should be “Increase”, instead of both being “Increase”.

It is fixed. Just wait for update.

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