BUG SKILL Speed Duel

  1. Speed duel skill of Joey “i’m just gonna attack” dont work to put +100 atk until the end of the turn on a monster.
    Also when when a trap is activate during the battle phase, the skill does not occurs.

2 Speed duel skill of Bandit Keith “Heavy metal riders” has several problems.

  • You should draw 1 card less at the start of the duel. Instead you draw 4 and it put automatically a card back in the deck. And it does that EACH TURN. So if you have cards in hand, the next turn, the skill will put one back in the deck.
  • Skill does not flip face up automatically at the start of the duel.
  • When a dark machine monster would be destroyed. It is not destroyed and the monster gain attack from the lifepoint you lose during battle. It Works. BUT When your monster reach the same amount of the attacked monster. It still gain atk even if there was not battle damage.

T1 Gaia attacks Drillago. Player 2 looses 700 LP , Drillago is not destroyed and gain 700 atk.
T2 Drillago attacks Gaia. Each has 2300. Drillago is not destroyed BUT IN OMEGA it still gain 700 atk and it should not.

Try again