Bug on trap "Ghoti" cards

  1. Impossibility to activate these effects :
  • Eanoc : even with it + Shif on the field, and at least 1 other copy of Chain in the deck, can’t activate this effect to search for a Ghoti trap
  • Chain : even with Eanoc + Fish on the field and Paces in GY, impossible to banish Eanoc or Shif to reborn Paces
  1. For Eanoc : Having Eanoc and Paces in hand + Ghoti Chain in the deck :
  • normal summon Paces
  • effect Paces to banish itself and special summon eanoc
  • effect Eanoc to reborn Paces
    => cannot activate effect Eanoc to banish Paces and search for Chain, while it should be possible

For Chain : having Eanoc on the field and Paces in the GY : cannot activate Chain to banish Eanoc and reborn Paces

This happens with open game state

  1. Turn by turn :

  1. It should be possible to use these effects

  2. Windows 10

Fixed with version 1.9.220

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