Bug nil value field EnablePendulumAttribute

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    In offline mode, I start a test hand with a D/D/D deck. And right at the beginning I get the error message “?: -1: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘EnablePendulumAttribute’)”. See also screenshot below. I close the error message. I can normal summon D/D Kepler. However, I don’t get asked, if I want to use its on-summon effect to search a contract card, although I have valid targets in the deck. (I assume that is a side effect of whatever caused the error message.) I can not special summon D/D Gryphon from hand, although I control a D/D monster. (Again probably a side effect.) Next turn I normal summon D/D Gryphon. But I can not summon the D/D/D link-2, although I have 2 D/D monsters on the field. (Again probably a side effect.) Also the extra deck doesn’t glow up, as it should, when one can summon from extra deck. (Again probably a side effect.) I assume there might be more stuff (indirectly) not working. But I didn’t really try out so much, because I consistently get the error message right at the beginning of every test hand for my D/D/D deck, when I’m still drawing the starting hand.

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I consistently get the error message right at the beginning of every test hand for my D/D/D deck, before I haven’t even done anything. Because of the error message I assume this bug might come up as long as you have any pendulums in the deck or at least on hand?

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    No error message should have happened. I should get monster effects of the pendulum monsters, as long as the requirements are fulfilled to activate them. Also I should be able to link off two D/D monsters into the D/D/D link-2 monster. (Connected to the previous point: The extra deck should glow, when being able to summon from extra deck.)

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    I use Windows 10.

This is a known bug. Use online mode to deck test

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Sorry, I didn’t know, that this bug is already known, since haven’t found a corresponding blog post. But thank you very much for this very quick answer.

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