BUG: Gladiator Beast United

  1. Bug description
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    When using the quick play spell card Gladiator Beast United in the battle phase, You can right click when it asks you to send materials back to the deck for the fusion summon and then it continues to summon the monster without sending any of the cost material monsters back to the deck. I went over to EDOPro to test the same mechanic and it doesn’t happen on that game.

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Step 1:Have 1 of every Gladiator Beast fusion monsters in your extra deck.
Step 2: Have Gladiator Beast United spell card in your hand.
step 3: Have 2 or more Gladiator Beast Monsters in your hand.
Step 3: Enter Battle Phase.
Step 4: Activate Gladiator Beast United.
Step 5: Choose a Gladiator Beast fusion monster you will summon from your extra deck.
Step 6: When prompted to select and send the monsters back to your deck for the spell card Gladiator Beast United’s condition, RIGHT CLICK and it will summon the monster without making you send those monsters back to your deck.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    [Tell us what should have happened when the bug occurred.]The Spell card Gladiator Beast United should force you to send the condition cost materials back to the deck before fusion summoning the fusion monster.

  3. What OS are you using
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    Windows 10

Try this again in 40-45 minutes

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the bug is fixed in the cheating aspect of it no longer works however, now it says Parameter 1 should be “card” or “group” and fails to summon a fusion monster at all.

The fix will only apply if you are playing using an online room. The fixes are applied at the server level. If you play locally, the card’s code will conflict with the “core” of the system which runs locally, and not work as you see.

If you are playing after going in the online lobby, then please let us know.