Bug cards utopia number 39 double

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    the effect does not activate why ? I play version Fr

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    your replay code

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Thank you for making a bug report.

Please include a replay code or deck list so that we can understand the situation in which you are having this issue.

My first thought is are you playing Double or Nothing? The card is a requirement to have in your deck to resolve Utopia Double’s effect.

yes i have , I have good quits or double in the deck ,
The problem and that its effect does not activate ? effect of monster


I have tested the issue myself and have confirmed that there is an issue with Double or nothing not being able to activate its effect.

I have escalated this to the team and they will begin to work on it.

We will let you know where there is a fix implemented.

Thank you for your assistance with finding this bug and helping Omega be the best it can be!

thanks for the awesome information.