Both sweet dreams nemurelia and dreaming nemurelia can't be activated

  1. Bug description
    [1.Sweet Dreams Nemurelia is not activatable from hand. You can only set the card. 2.Dreaming Nemurelia, after being placed in a pend zone, can not activate its pendulum effect and a prompt does not appear to activate its effect]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [1.Draw into Sweet Dreams Nemurelia, try to activate Sweet Dreams Nemurelia. 2. Activate and place Dreaming Nemurelia into a pendulum zone, try to activate its effect.]


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    [1. Sweet dreams Nemurelia should activate in hand to add a "Nemurelia" monster from deck to hand. 2. Dreaming Nemurelia should activate its effect to set "The Sleeping Beauty Tower of Nemurelia" and send itself face up to the extra deck zone.]

  5. What OS are you using

Try this again

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thank you, they are fixed now

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