Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon's special summoning effects don't activate

  1. Bug description
    [ blue eyes abbys dragon doesn't work ]

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    [ When I invoke blue eyes abbys dragon with the effect of the stone, with the sage or reviving it the effect is not activated ]

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    [ I can't add any ritual card to my hand and at the end of the turn I can't add a monster card. ]


Thank you for making a bug report!

It is helpful to have a replay for these types of scenarios as Blue-eyes Abyss Dragon has a lot of requirements. One of these being that a “Blue-eyes White Dragon” must be on the field or in the graveyard to activate the effect at the point of the Abyss Dragon being summoned to add the ritual card or polymerization, or at the end phase in order to add the monster.

If this requirement isn’t meet, you will not be allowed to activate Blue-eyes Abyss Dragon.

If you have a replay this would be greatly helpful to share so that we can check the exact scenario. But in the case that a replay isn’t available, I’ll close this bug report in a few days.

Thank you for helping make Omega be the best that it can be.

I can confirm having used multiple decks against SuperSalty that the Monster’s effects don’t want too activate when it’s special summoned as they are supposed too

Do either of you have a replay you can share when the card did not activate and Blue-eyes White Dragon was on the field or in the graveyard at the point where the effect should activate?

If it was the last game you played, the replay will automatically be in the replay folder as “Last Replay” but will be overwritten if you have played another game. Click the replay, click Export, and then paste the code here as a reply so I can take a look at it if its true.

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