Blank Error Message + Crash When Using The Windows Buttons to Close the Game Window

  1. Bug Description
    When using the windows buttons to close the game during windowed mode while waiting in an online lobby, the game generates a blank error dialogue, then crashes.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  • Open YGO Omega
  • Navigate to the settings menu
  • Change the game to Windowed Mode
  • Change the resolution to 1600x900
  • Click “Apply” to apply the settings
  • Navigate to the Online menu
  • Host a new room
  • Click “Ready”
  • Click the red X button in the upper-right corner of the window (not the button within the game window, the windows button that all windows have)
  1. Screenshot

  2. Expected behavior
    The game window should exit without producing an error.

This is related to Unity itself. There are tons of Windows application that upon closing do this. It can’t be solved on our end. Unity has to do it. @ひまわり

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