Black Screen when entering game and then a curious gamestate

  1. Bug description
    After queueing into a (ranked TCG) game the only things I saw were a black screen and the chat/log window.
    After approximately 15 minutes of nothing happening, I ALT+F4’d the game, then reopened, reconnected and came upon the 2nd screenshot, after which I was awarded victory due to my opponent’s timer running out (visually, they had 2:14 left)

  1. Bug reproduction steps

    I have no idea what caused the bug or how to reproduce it, and I don’t have a replay of it (it wasn’t saved)

  2. Expected behavior
    None of this should’ve happened.

Unfortunately, unless we can reproduce it on our end, we can’t diagnose or fix it. However, we can make sure that the reconnect works. When this happens, ALT+F4 and rejoin the game, it should reconnect and the duel should continue.

Likely the game gave victory to your opponent if you ran out of time or if you disconnected during the side deck screen.

I can see from the screenshot that you have a face-down monster in atk position. This does mean that the reconnect didn’t work, so we’ll test this. That is something we can likely reproduce and fix.