Black Luster Soldier - Legendary Swordsman Effect Error

  1. Bug description
    [BLS - Legendary Swordsman is able to banish a random card in the opponents hand, or banish a selected card on the opponents field.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [After Summoning BLS - Legendary Swordsman you are able to activate one of the above mentioned effects in your main phase.]

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior
    [According to the card text, he shouldn't be able to use any of the effects. Instead, he's supposed to, after being ritual summoned and destroying a normal monster by battle on the opponents field, be able to shuffle all opponents cards they control back into their deck.]

  2. What OS are you using

I see you used a Super Soldier material(s); might that be where those other effects are coming from?

Yeahhh, I kinda noticed that just now. It’s part of Evening Twilight Knights effect when being used as ritual material. Must have been too tired to notice. Apologies

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