Berserk Gorilla Forces Turn one Battle

  1. Bug description
    Berserk Gorilla Forces Turn One Battle Phase

This can lead to illegal FTK’s through summoning 8000 ATK worth of monsters turn one and attacking with them.

Alternatively, it allows the opponent to illegally play Evenly Matched turn one also.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

    Playing Berserk Gorilla in turn one forces the turn player into conducting the battle phase.

  2. Screenshot OR error code

  3. Expected behavior
    The battle phase turn one should not be able to be conducted. Player should be able to end turn without entering the battle phase.

  4. What OS are you using


Thank you for making a bug report.

Are you by chance using the test hand feature? If so, in order for you to test your card effects out, the test hand feature allows you to go into the battle phase rather than having to pass to the opponent, then take the turn back and then enter battle phase.

The only reason why you are required to go into battle phase is because Berserk Gorilla is REQUIRED to attack when it is on the field, which means you must enter the battle phase and attack with it before passing turn. Again, this would only happen on the first turn if you are in the Test hand mode.

Once again, thank you for making a bug report and helping Omega be the best it can be.

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