Berfomet the Phantom Beast Dark Ruler not working

Putting Berfomet PBDR in a deck causes an error message that says:
[string “101202032”]:65: ‘end’ expected (to close ‘if’ at line 64) near ‘if’

I am also unable to fusion summon him

Try this again in about 30 minutes.

I no longer see the error but I am still unable to summon Berfomet PBDR at all (I have Gazelle of Mythical Claws and Big WInged Berf in hand and am activating Chimera Fusion as the very first card of the game and am only able to summon Chimera of Phantom Beasts)

You sure those’re both different Types?

… ah, now I see; try again in about 30 minutes

It does appear to be working now. thank you

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