Banned because the mod got angry,

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    I have no clue why I was banned, I was in an argument with a rude user (who happened to be a mod) and he decided to abuse his powers and ban me.

  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?
    No I do not admit to what I did, because I did nothing wrong. The mod completely abused his powers over me, and should receive a punishment. I really do not care if I get unbanned or not. I simply posted a deck, and a mod talked ■■■■ on it, and I defended myself, and then was banned.

  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    I really don’t care if I get another chance. I just want people like “Ferret” or “DanGerZon3” to not have any power over others, and not be able to silence them when they disagree with them. A bunch of man-children moderators in the discord and it is a major problem. It give you guys a bad name, and makes you look bad. Why would I recommend your game/interface to people if this is the way I’m treated?

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Let’s clarify a few things here.

  1. I’m not a mod, I’m a Deck Doctor. An empty title, but some people recognise that I do know what I’m talking about when it comes to Deck building for some Decks.
  2. You’re not banned. You’ve been muted for a day. The mod who muted you even said in chat that you’d be muted for a day.
  3. You posted your Deck in general chat, it’s open to receive opinions, ones not necessarily shared with you. It’s a poorly built deck, but the fact that you confuse running generic staples with being a meta Deck without consulting performance in relevant tournaments was the real kicker here. And you lashing out insulting people is the reason why you’re muted

Mate I got timed out for my opinion, you just admitted it. That’s extremely wrong for someone to do that. If you do not see the issue with that, then there is something wrong with YOU. You act like YOU are the one who decides which decks are meta and which are not, which is exactly what I am talking about. You can state that YOU know what DECK building is, but I CANT? like JESUS man, get off your high horse. You can comment on my deck how you like, but I can also retort just as well. If you go through the entire discord general chat, it is constant with you harassing people, you deserve a BAN, and don’t deserve a title like “deck doctor” lmao. The same logic you use in your arguments can be made for my arguments, you literally contradict yourself at every turn, and then get your moderator friend to ban me. Like, you deserve to be punished for how you act, it is grotesque.

No one said you were timed out for having an opinion, no matter how objectively misguided your opinion is. You calling other people dumb and being unreasonably aggressive in your defense is the reason why a mod decided that the best course of action was to mute you and give you time to fix your attitude. No one else is treating you the same way that you’re going at others. You’re a victim of your own actions, no need to give anyone else credit

“I wish you had the knowledge to match your confidence” -DanGerZon3, If this isnt the most backhanded way of calling someone dumb than Idk what to say man. Again, everything you say is contradictory, you called me dumb and insulted me just as well. You are a huge hypocrite. Dude just called me a loser JUST NOW, and he doesn’t get banned??? Hypocrites for days.

I do genuinely wish you were better informed. Maybe then we’d have a civil and pleasant conversation instead of you insulting anyone who disagrees with you.

Aight man, why don’t we just duel?

I appreciate the offer, but it’s late, and I’m about to sleep. See you in 24 hours

Lmao, so much for your confidence. Sweet dreams, man. Way to not back anything you said up.

  1. You were never banned (you were timed out for 24 hours after being warned the day prior), and you were given an opportunity by myself to explain your actions. Bad days happen and people act out. A simple sorry my bad would have gone a long way.
  2. Repeating this going forward will result in a ban from the Duelists Unite Discord, which when that does happen can be appealed here although I will say you’ve created quite a trail of evidence.
  3. Your behavior negatively impacts our community thus giving us a bad name, far more than a mod giving you a time out.
  4. Just to be clear to other mods DG violated rule 1 and 6 repeatedly, and has been harassing me all day about it.
  5. Ill reiterate what I said when I timed you out. Take the day to think about social interactions and how to do better in them.

Have a nice day.

Again you are in the wrong. I was the one being harassed. You guys are the one’s who escalated it. Again, I do not care if I am banned permanently from the discord or not, but you need to be called out on, so I am calling you out. Your behavior also negatively impacts the community, again you are a massive hypocrite. If you banned me right now, you are only proving me right. I hope someone treats you the way you and the discord has treated me. Just because you abuse the power you have, doesn’t make you in the right. You failed to acknowledge this, and this is what escalated the situation. No matter what you do, who backs you, you will be in the wrong in this situation. 1. you failed to punish those who have committed the same infraction I have, including your own friend. Bias at it’s best. 2. trust me, the way you handled this will give much more of a negative impact on the community than what I have done, especially considering that you have much more influence on it than I do. 3. Why not let the other mods and admins make a decision for themselves instead of trying to garner a response in your favor.

I hope you realize your error here, and hope you take point 5 of my above to heart. Take care.

I also hope you realize your error here. Have a good day, mate.

Not that it would prove anything when I beat your “meta” Deck, but if you’re still up to duel i can shoot a message once I’ve finished work.

And no I didn’t mistype. I am that confident that I’m going to beat your deck