Banlist creator not working properly

Every time I try to ban by the card type it just ends up as “@type 0x1 0” or a variation of that, not actually banning anything.

This is a proof of concept I am working on, you just need to list the cards you want in each section of the list and name the banlist.
Cards where the name is not right / not in Omega’s database, will be listed under a heading of #Missed at the bottom of the list (shown in the box on the last page).

Btw, if you tried it already, I just fixed the Forbidden section as it wasn’t working before, and I also found Live Twin does work, it was the broken Forbidden section that confused me, lol

That is great, I just used chat gpt and some dupe removing tools to generate a list of all the cards I want banned and pasted them in this tool, worked well

Just made a repair, so now it wont add the default text if you don’t put anything in a box, sorry about that, didn’t realise it would do that at first if you didn’t put a space in.

Also, if you had some cards with names which may have been different to what is in the database, on the last page with the text box, you will see your list in text form, if you scroll to the bottom it will have a #Missed section which shows you which cards were not the correct names :wink: