Ban appeal / seeking clarification for SolarFlare#0812

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    No, I only recently noticed I wasn’t part of the server and couldn’t rejoin due to discord stating my account is banned from the server

  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?

  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    I barely speak in the server or in the client, and I believe it to be unfair to be banned with no notice. At the very least, I would like clarification as to the reasons surrounding my server ban

Thanks for posting here. Looking here, the reason set for the ban was “Scam”. Possibly you were sending scam links. Looks like the ban was back in January.

Because the reason was showing as scam, for us to unban you, you would need to show proof that you have two-factor authentication turned on for your account.

I can show proof of having my 2FA on. What’s the preferred method of doing so?

Just post a screenshot here from the “My Account” page in Discord settings that shows your username and that two factor authentication is on. You can blur out the email/phone number.

Here you go

Your ban has been lifted. Thank you and sorry for the delay.