Ban Appeal for the homie benson

  1. I was banned for calling the devs nazis as a joke

  2. I admit what I did was wrong, and I shouldn’t jump to conclusions

  3. 99% of my total interaction in the server were positive, consisting of standard conversation and occasional banter. I also really like your platform and think it can be the next big yugioh simulator.


You had misunderstood what the topic was about. We do not promote Nazism or fascism on our platform. You called me fascist directly without waiting to understand and clarify the meaning of the swastika.

There are two swastika. The right-facing one is the Nazi symbol while the left-facing one is the symbol used in Hindusim and Buddhism. A simple google search would have solved this for you, but you decided to conclude that the moderators and developers of the game are fascist.

The rules of the server prohibit offensive or derogatory remarks even if it is a joke.

Let me know if you understand this and we can procedure further.

I understand now. thank you

Ok we will unban you since you did follow the proper procedure of appeal and understand your mistake. Thank you.

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