Ban Appeal for Karperino

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    Yes, I was banned for a single message in the discord, after having been in the discord for over a year, where I said something to the effect of “wow I can’t wait to play YuGiOh with my friends, hope I don’t run into any slurs today!”
  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?
    Yeah I said it and it was funny as hell, but definitely not deserving of a ban.
  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    Shouldn’t have been banned to begin with.

Checking in again, because I see others who’ve posted since have gotten answers.

Jokes about racism aren’t tolerated. You may have thought of it as a joke, but all that did was add to the snowball of misinformation. There is more chat moderation and filters on Omega than there is on any other yugioh simulator currently. If you wish to play on a platform with hate speech without moderation, you have alternatives.

Wait a second, jokes about racism being bad aren’t tolerated, but the official response at the time to ACTUAL racism was “not our problem, just turn off chat”? Seems a bit backwards to me, mate. I don’t even want to participate in the discord server, I just want to play yugioh but being banned from your discord server for a single joke about your, at the time, lax moderation policies has gotten me banned from the game as well.

Like, I was coming back to the platform because from what I’ve seen, y’all are doing better about moderation now, so I was comfortable coming back. But oh well, I guess, if your stance is that I’m to stay banned then so be it.

The official response was never that we tolerate racism or that racism was fine. The issue is bigger than racism but about content moderation and hate speech. The official policy was to mute your opponent. The chat is disabled by default. Players turn it on and before they do, they agree to a disclaimer that states they take responsibility. This has been the policy in all of the yugioh sims since 2012 when they were made. This is the policy even in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, given the toxicity of the yugioh community, we did realize that this is not sufficient so we did implement a chat filter.

If you want to talk about backwards, if you really do believe racism was bad, then you should not have ever joked about it. Rather, it is fine to voice your concerns and then waited for the official response from the dev team. It is hypocritical to criticize Omega while not criticizing all the other sims that have had the same policy.

You said our moderation was lax. It’s not lax anymore. That is why you are banned because we won’t even tolerate jokes about racism, whether it’s on discord or in the game. You yourself believe that you did nothing wrong so you believe that joking about racism is ok. This is not the type of behavior we need in our playerbase. We want to create a safe and inclusive environment for players.

Like I said, your moderation WAS lax, and the reason I wanted to come back was because I saw that it isn’t anymore. I think it’s genuinely impressive that y’all have managed to come back and get that all under control. I haven’t used other sims in a long time for the exact same reason.

Genuine question, do you think “joking about racism” is the same thing as “joking about poor moderation of racism”? Because I was doing the latter, not the former. The punchline was clearly “racism is bad and it’s bad to tolerate it”. There’s also a difference between “racist jokes”, which I do not tolerate, and jokes ABOUT racism. A joke ABOUT racism would be one where the punchline is “racism is stupid, let’s make fun of racists”. Like, I would honestly appreciate if you can explain to me how what I said in any way implies tolerating racism or would make anyone uncomfortable in the same way that racism does.

Your joke was “I hope you won’t run into any slurs today” implying that this is a frequent occurrence when it is not. There is more hate speech in games where there is no account system like EDOPro. You did this at a time when the entire discord was on a raid on a Tuesday morning. The moderators at that time were being attacked even via dms and being called racist. All that your comment did was compound assumptions and made it worse for moderators to control. The lead dev was in the hospital recovering from surgery and she couldn’t implement a chat filter on the day of this drama but it was done as soon as possible. Did we come back? We never left. There are more players on Omega today than there was before this drama. We have over 5.4k players which surpasses Edopro, Nexus, and Dueling Book combined. So yes, we did come back.

If you genuinely cared for the moderation, you would have voiced your concerns instead of making a joke about it and watch the chaos unfold. There were innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire. People took mental damage. These are volunteers that maintained and helped moderate the discord chat. They upheld their principles and moral standards. They were against racism but were called racists due to misinformation. Now they are gone. Yet, what did others do about it? They made a joke about it. Do they care? No as you have clearly stated you believe you did absolutely nothing wrong.

There were people who appealed and acknowledged their actions and apologized for them but this did not occur here.

Your actions on discord did affect the entire team. The team that volunteers and maintains this game for free. So yes, this ban is absolutely warranted. You are free to play on any other simulator you wish. I’m sure they will have much better moderation policies.

For someone who says it’s other people’s fault for seeing hate speech for accepting to view a chat, you’re oddly fragile about seeing a chat you didn’t like that was deleted and banned about 0.5 seconds after it was sent :slight_smile: have a good night

I didn’t delete any chats. I did the banning though afterwards. You are free to criticize the game as much as you want. Have a good time finding another game to play with more hate speech and no moderation. :slight_smile: