Ban Appeal - Elly#8215 (Discord)

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    I was banned from the Discord server for being involved in a conversation about Hogwarts Legacy. The conversation itself quickly turned into a trainwreck and I attempted to leave the conversation several times but people continued to stoke the conversation and being personally affected by the issues in the conversation, I felt compelled to respond. I was the only user banned, and I received a 1 week mute for a similar topic, which I also feel was unjust. I personally believe that myself and other users are being targeted by a specific moderator in the Discord Server, instead of being impartial, they have routinely shut down only the conversations from the side that they personally disapprove of. I personally also believe this person is generally unfit to be a moderator, but that is not my decision.

  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?
    I’ll admit that I inadvertently may have started the topic by telling someone not to buy the game, but I personally think the topic itself while not really being the place for it was generally civil on my end. Me and someone else were basically being hounded and lead into a circular discussion where people just jumped in with wild statements. Again, I massively disagree with the moderator who banned me, and I now actively feel like I have been explicitly targeted.

  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    Because it’s blatant hypocrisy to punish only one person for a relatively civil conversation because you personally dislike them. Either we should all be banned, or no one should. I feel my ban in particular was targeted directly at me because the moderator in question has wanted me banned from the server for a while. It truly feels like there’s no checks and balances on what I would describe as a completely rogue mod.

Based on the information presented to me from both sides, including screenshots of the actual conversation, the ban will stay. I have talked with the user and explained the situation. We are in agreement.

Our server has rules and those rules have to be followed. Even when you disagree with a moderator or you feel that a moderator said something that is offensive, do not become offensive in return. Stay professional because once you do, then the story will chance. In this case, the mod was directly called an “■■■■■■■■ and his wife was indirectly called a “TERF”. These are literal words that are offensive. A conversation can be subjective and several interpretations which can be offensive to someone or not to another but when we have universally accepted words which are offensive in a context, we have to take that as intention and offense.

Furthermore, I will state that if users state that they like a specific entertainment genre such as a movie, a tv show, a song, a book, a video game, or etc. and the author of those products turns out to be anti-trans or a pedophile or anything - supporting the product does NOT mean supporting the views of the author. Users should be assumed this way. Entire world wars have started because of things like this. The actions of another person should be judged by that person alone.

Given that the user has understood all this and admits that they did indeed say the insult, the ban duration will change from permanent to 1 month. If this happens again however, note that it will be permanent.