Ban appeal/clarification?

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    I was on the server, I didn’t speak for a day after that twitter raid, we did a little trolling in there but nothing that got me banned. BUT, this morning I awake and BAM gone, banned, idk why.
  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?
    if I was to be banned for what I said during the omega debacle, I should have been then. Now it’s a day or two after why am I banned? said nothing, wtf
  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    idk, not saying things shouldn’t result in a ban

Try logging in again now.
I revoked the ban on discord and in-game.

Thanks, just out of curiosity, who banned me and for what reason?